As the official protocol has been followed and public announcements have been made on April 6th 2022 to the NASDAQ stock exchange, ENHANZZ GLOBAL is excited to share the following news about an exciting new chapter it is embarking on:
As of April 6, 2022, ENHANZZ GLOBAL is excited to have concluded a merger with ZINZINO AB, Gothenburg.



ENHANZZ is a company built for people, just like you. Its foundation is based on its unique product line, its rewarding compensation model and its outstanding leadership with combined over 100 Years of industry experience, with the purpose of lifting people up.

Unique Product Lines
Rewarding Compensation Model
Outstanding Leadership
Highest Standard Technology-Platform



Enhanzz is a Swiss company. Switzerland is the global icon of quality, precision, and reliability. It evokes the unique serenity from its meadows, lakes, and chalets against a backdrop of ice-clad mountains. On the other hand, its metropoles are dynamic, modern and pulsating. Accordingly, we define our values as follows:

  • We put people first.
  • We are innovation-driven.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We hold each other accountable.
  • We believe in simplicity.
  • We are socially responsible.
  • We strive for excellence.



When the two founder couples, Dr. Sven and Audrey Goebel and Sven and Christina Hennige decided to start their own enterprise, they’ve both worked for over 25 years in direct sales and both were at the top of their game. They loved the profession because the ultimate promise of direct sales is financial wellbeing, personal fulfillment and a nourishing community. However, from their personal experience, they knew there was much to improve upon. As they saw it, the original vision often gets lost in a fixation on profit and systems of control. The idea that possessed the two couples was to transform an old dream into a new reality.

“They’ve both worked for over 25 years in direct sales and both were at the top of their game.”

A new dawn for direct sales

A movement with a mission can hold extraordinary appeal, especially for the younger generations who are beginning to reshape the world’s social landscape. This is why Enhanzz aims to effectively redefine what the direct sales industry has been delivering so far. Instead of dangling the tired promises of quick money and lavish lifestyles, Enhanzz invites you to become part of something bigger than any one person. For Enhanzz, the idea of culture trumps the idea of genealogy. Everyone is serving a common cause, and it’s understood that we all help each other grow and succeed, regardless of structural affiliations.

The company takes shape

With this new vision, the founder couples began attracting an executive team of rare talent and passion. They never went through the normal hiring process. Like-minded people spontaneously found their place in the story, and the resulting team has an extraordinary ethos of devotion, both to the mission of Enhanzz and towards the increasing number of Enhanzz Brand Partners. Several of their executives even moved out of the country, giving up lifestyles and homes they had not planned to change, just for the opportunity to build Enhanzz into a new global giant.

Perfect timing

The founders of Enhanzz believe that this is the right time to launch a global direct-selling company from Europe. It’s part of their fresh take on industry and consumer trends. And by identifying as Swiss, they are making their own commitment to exceptional standards in every aspect of the company’s products and operations. Most of all, in an increasingly troubled world, Switzerland is the perfect and natural host for a new happiness movement. It was voted the happiest country in 2015 and has always been rated among the top happiest countries. To highlight their commitment to all things Swiss, Enhanzz chose to establish its headquarters in the picturesque Canton of Obwalden, the exact geographical center of the country and the perfect place for a Happiness Movement.



A revolutionary Business World in the Social Selling field.

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A world-class, fashionable e-commerce consumer world.


YU totally can Nutrition & Lifestyle. Become a better YU.




As a matter of fact, the trademarked Swiss brand is especially celebrated in one specific product category: Skincare. Consequently, it makes sense that the initial product focus of Enhanzz is a super-advanced line of skincare products. Each product is Swiss designed and made, meeting or exceeding the stringent quality standards that apply. A team of renowned Swiss biotech scientists, all experienced in serving the world’s most glamorous skincare brands achieved something that had never been created before: an exquisitely refined skincare product line which is the perfect symbiosis between biotechnology and nature.



Health, fitness, lifestyle.
YU totally can Nutrition & Lifestyle. Become a better YU.

YU Nutrition offers innovative, highly effective, multifunctional, and great tasting food supplements created to help you reach and maintain a healthy and holistic way of living and at the same time be part of a supportive lifestyle commYUnity.




Enhanzz has designed what it sees as a segmented, 3.0 compensation system that will serve people far beyond classical direct sales. It considers the modern micro-entrepreneur and influencer, who drives relationships through social media channels. It’s carefully calibrated to give generous incentives to the newcomer, a solid career for the committed professional, and a clear path to financial freedom for the inspired leader – and, through its well thought through VIP rewards program, added value to loyal Enhanzz customers.

The Enhanzz Global Compensation and Reward Model.
10 different income streams, possible at the same time, have been designed around the following objectives:

  • Achieve high partner activity, enthusiasm, and retention with attainable commissions, bonuses, and incentives.
  • Create a way for you, as a new Enhanzz Global Partner, to make immediate income.
  • Retain customers and VIP Reward customers with top quality products, fair prices, and excellent service.
  • Empower team-building professionals to build sustainable long-term businesses.
  • Offer the opportunity to get highly attractive shares in the success of all global top leaders.




"After 26 years in this industry, being all about its transformation, it became time to take things to another level and transform an old dream into a new reality. We do this by keeping up its ultimate promise and by putting people first. Happiness is our foundation, Swissness our quality feature."
- Dr. Sven Goebel, CEO und Founder
"Never before in a company have I experienced such a perfect combination of expertise and motivation. The word "team" has been redefined. These factors have made it possible for the Enhanzz-Group to be set up and financed professionally in the shortest time possible. We are ready to master any challenge the future might bring."
- Oliver Kehl, CFO
"At Enhanzz, we face a complex business with a progressive, clear legal structure and sophisticated technical tools that allow quick decisions in a constantly changing environment."
- Prof. Dr. Felix Richner, CLO
"Happiness. Swiss made. This is not just a slogan. Over the past 10 years, I learned a lot about true Happiness myself. It became my dream to pay it forward and increase the quality of life of millions around the world. Through its world class products and its amazing team, Enhanzz provides a massive opportunity to do so, based on true values and highest levels of integrity."
- Gerhard Reheusser, Vice President Business Development
"Happy people create happy products. I am so grateful to work with all those highly motivated, very creative and truly warm-hearted team members from different nations in this beautiful and energizing Swiss environment. I can't wait to share our happiness and passion with the world!"
- Christina Hennige, Director Marketing
"As a people-driven Happiness Consumer Brand, we strive for utmost best quality and excellence by passionately developing superior products with a holistic brand experience that connects with people on a deeper emotional level."
- Audrey Goebel, Product Development
"After more than 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, I was very impressed about the level of service that Enhanzz as a company commits to deliver. Based on the founders’ philosophy and their intention to make this company truly unique we commit to keep those high standards at all times by creating the utmost best customer experience."
- Stefan Mühl, Director Logistics and Supply Chain
"People being in the focus, excellent Swiss product quality and outstanding Partner and client service, combined with a unique and highly professional team. We have created something amazing that the world has not seen before."
- Daniela Mühl, Manager Customer Relations
"We are constantly looking for innovations and developing exciting tools for our Customers and Brand Partners. Providing cutting-edge technology for a 4.0 Company – this is my daily motivation!"
- Manuel Lopez, IT Manager
"The partner / customer is always in our focus and the positive feedback motivates me every day anew. I am very grateful to be a part of the Enhanzz team and look forward every day to lots of new experiences and challenges in such a positive, cordial team with lots of happiness."
- Vivien Burlage, Customer Service
"After more than 27 years in dentistry, including my practice in Affolteren am Albis, I am pleased to be able to contribute my profound knowledge in dermatology to the production of high-quality skincare and health products for the Enhanzz company as a scientific consultant. And together with a highly motivated team, to carry the Enhanzz mission into the world."
- Dr. Michael Svihalek-Müller, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
"From my university studies, I can already tell that this company has been created and built exactly as it should be. With our team, customers and partners always being in the center of our decision-making, I am sure this company will go beyond any expectations."
- Jan Göbel, Student & Business Analyst
"Love the days at the office. Wonderful people, great smells and lots of food everywhere. Outside, meadows, lakes and mountains. Living the perfect happy dog life!"
- Aluna vom Rhönblick, Food Locator

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Dr. Sven Goebel, Chief Executive Officer
Sven – intuitive, inspiring, visionary

Sven, intuitive by nature, holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany. He spent his entire business career of more than 25 years in the network marketing industry, most of the time as a highly respected leader in the field, where he built, inspired and led organizations of tens of thousands of people on all continents. He also spent three years as a consultant to various global network marketing companies and recently three and a half years as a senior corporate executive, helping a respected global player to manage a turnaround and grow their business by hundreds of millions of US dollars per year. His true passion is to support people to grow into powerful leaders through working hard on becoming their best self and by keeping their learning curve steep, with the objective of paying it forward. His strategies are effective and crystal clear, His speeches on stage are legendary and incredibly inspiring.

In 2004, Sven started to explore happiness – and ever since he has strived to convey the principles of his findings to all the people he interacts with. He developed The Happiness Circle as his general thought model on happiness and shared it with the world. Throughout the following years, while it was constantly refined, it took its own path through its many fans who brought it to many different places in the world.

As a true visionary, Sven always believed that the perfect company could indeed exist. A company who would create a sustainable and measurable enhancement in people’s lives, whose objective would go well beyond providing just health and/or financial success to people. After exactly 25 years, in the anniversary month of the start of his career, he decided to cancel all his present business activities and – together with his trusted partner Sven Hennige – put a powerful and highly talented team together. This team’s common vision is to relentlessly create and build a company that puts people first, a company that is authentic, real, and provides a safe environment for everyone who is willing to contribute. A company that is contemporary, attractive, inspiring, and high-performing, but at the same time highly social. A company whose stakeholders live up to true values and whose ultimate mission is to make people around the globe happy, not only through providing a rock-solid opportunity, but also by investing in research and global projects around the world relating to all aspects of happiness. That company is ENHANZZ.

Oliver Kehl, Chief Financial Officer
Oliver – interested, persistent, successful

After graduating from high school with a focus on economics, industry, and commerce Oliver served in the Swiss Military Service, earning a degree from the Officer’s School in the light and mechanized infantry unit. In 1994, he graduated from the University of Zürich with the degree lic.oec.publ. in Business Economics. Oliver also holds the post-graduate degree of Executive Master of Laws (LLM) in International Taxation. Starting his career, he worked as a manager in the Tax Advisory Department of one of the “Big Four” accounting companies, in their so-called Owner Managed Business Department (Member of the National Board of Owner Managed Business). In 1998, he became Co-Director at a major Swiss bank and was responsible for the development of a Multi-Family Office for High Net Worth Individuals. Since 1999, he has been a founder and managing partner of an international tax advisory firm in Zürich. Oliver’s focus is on international structure and cross-border tax advisory work for a select group of international institutions and wealthy entrepreneurs.Oliver is a judicially registered and licensed fiscal and social security representative and managing partner of several consulting companies with various consultative and managerial positions in the finance industry, with a focus on international structure and tax advisory.

Enhanzz as a company is truly proud to have such a competent and popular partner on board for all its financial and tax issues.

Prof. Dr. Felix Richner, Chief Legal Officer
Felix – reliable, interested, versatile

Felix holds a PhD in law and was head of the legal department of the tax authorities in Zürich. He joined STG-Coopers & Lybrand/PricewaterhouseCoopers where as a tax partner he was responsible for the Owner Managed Business sector in Switzerland. Afterwards, he headed a business line at UBS. Since 1999, he has been co-founder and partner of a company for domestic and international tax consulting. He is a member of different boards of directors for international operating companies and professor of tax law at the University of Lucerne.

For Enhanzz Felix with all his knowledge simply is irreplaceable.

Gerhard Reheusser, Vice President Business Development
Gerhard – experienced, strong willed, health-conscious

Gerhard Reheusser looks back on more than 35 years as a successful entrepreneur, more than 25 years in the direct sales industry, and 20 years as a professional network marketeer. After graduating at the Hotel and Tourism Academy in Munich, Gerhard started his entrepreneurial career as a hotel owner in Nuremberg, Germany. Because of civilization diseases within the past two generations throughout his family, in 1988 he decided to start his own company in that field named Wellnessworld, with the aim of educating people in healthy nutrition, high-level supplements, prevention, and wellness. His best-selling book “Abenteuer Gesundheit” was a milestone in combining the knowledge of traditional medicine with a healthy lifestyle, natural therapies, and Asian food, based on the five elements. Gerhard has spoken to more than 50,000 people in the last 30 years in his seminars and events. Gerhard and his wife Jeanette are passionate marathon athletes and both of them are Ironman triathlon finishers. In 2000, Gerhard started his third business career in the network marketing industry with Unicity International, a well-known global industry player from the US, where Gerhard built a leading international team and reached the highest rank. He was one of four members of the European Board of Advisors. In 2014, because of the huge opportunities in the e-commerce industry, Gerhard became a representative for a leading US-based e-commerce cashback shopping company, where he built up hundreds of business partners and thousands of customers all over the globe.

With his great experience in different fields, Gerhard joined Enhanzz in 2018, motivated by its amazing vision and unique business plan, but first and foremost because of his long-term and trusting friendship with the CEO of Enhanzz Dr. Sven Goebel and his wife Audrey. This relationship goes back to 2002, when Sven and Gerhard were building global businesses in the same company and also started working on The Happiness Circle together. The principles of The Happiness Circle have formed the foundation of all of Gerhard’s life decisions ever since, based on the utmost high integrity, as well as forming the foundation of the Enhanzz philosophy.

Christina Hennige, Director Marketing
Christina – communicative, passionate, open-minded

Christina is a marketing and internal communications professional with 25 years of experience. After studying International Marketing and Business Administration including an extended stay at a well-known university in California, she started her marketing career in one of the biggest full-service advertising agencies in the world, Wunderman Cato Johnson, where she was responsible for clients like Jaguar, IBM, Neckermann, and Fuji Film as Senior Account Manager for five consecutive years. She gained additional work experience as a project manager for a big telecommunications company and also partnered in a German start-up company. Following her passion for marketing, Christina started working as Marketing (DACH) and Internal Communications (International) Manager in the world’s first and largest specialized recruitment firm, developing a marketing team of 12 members. Christina also holds an official title as Social Media Manager (SMA).

Because of her communications skills and her passion for advertising make Christina is a perfect match for Enhanzz.

Audrey Goebel, Director Products & Brand Development
Audrey- purposeful, independent, charismatic

Audrey knows what she is talking about, looking back on 12 years’ experience in network marketing. Prior to this, following her education as a druggist, she worked in the cosmetic industry managing a private owned perfumery store, whereafter she became the area manager for Central Germany for the French-based company Beauté Prestige International in Paris, France, which is a subsidiary of the Shiseido Group. Her main responsibility was product placement for the brands Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake. Her further responsibilities included sales training, event organization, the development of sales freelancers, and office management. She had already developed a true passion for cosmetic and skincare products in her early years. In 2005, she became a Franchise Partner for a US-based network marketing company, where she built a network across three continents with a yearly turnover of 10 million US dollars, which was part of her husband’s global organization. Together, the couple have become highly respected role models across the entire industry. During the last eight years of her network marketing career, she has followed her passion for design and branding and developed concepts for groups and individual leaders with regard to their online identity, helping them to achieve true breakthroughs in their businesses and as an individual brand.

When it comes to product placement and branding, Audrey´s glowing personality and all her experiences guided to HANZZ+HEIDII, with love and lots of passion she brought the skincare range to life, following her approach of sensory branding, with the objective of providing an experience to people through touching and not just one or two, but rather all five of their senses. As a people-driven happiness consumer brand, her passion is to make a touching difference in people’s lives, striving for the utmost best quality and excellence by passionately developing superior products with a holistic brand experience that connects with people on a deeper emotional level.

Stefan Muehl, Director Logistics & Supply Chain
Stefan – service-oriented, conscientious, ambitious

Born into a family running a 5-star hotel and various engineering, project development, and investment companies, Stefan learned from an early age that customer satisfaction is based on a high level of service orientation paired with well-developed background processes and strategies. His choice of studying business engineering was his next and logical step to get a deeper understanding into how to set things up from the beginning in the right way. During his studies, he got his first opportunity to successfully launch a start-up IT company with partners in Italy, Ireland, Germany, and China. Over the following years, he deepened his skills by working for a project management company, developing and transacting the complete restructuring of real estate and work and business flow programs for international clients. In his next career step he worked for the BMW Group in production and process planning to gain a deeper insight into the process flows of a multi-billion euro company. Responsible for the implementation of the production of new car models, his focus on the complete supply chain flow (from the parts suppliers to the final product being delivered to the customer), he progressed to a multi-level job, as he needed to be in touch with centralized procurement, quality control, real estate, HR, IT, and production engineers, etc. After nearly five years, Stefan recognized that the next level must be a billion-dollar US company that would offer him the opportunity to work on an international base with a multicultural background. In 2007, he started with Robert Half, a US-based headhunting and recruitment business with over 15,000 people approximately worldwide and a five billion US dollar revenue, to support the growth of the European footprint in several countries. Stefan was leading or overseeing all real estate, customer, client, HR, IT, procurement, accounting, reporting, and car fleet topics for several European countries, always in close coordination with all other global marketplaces and with direct reporting lines in the US headquarters.

Stefan played and still plays a vital role in building up and monitoring sales, logistics and IT structures for Enhanzz.

Daniela Mühl, Manager Customer Relationships
Daniela – client oriented, trustful, structured

While working for BMW, Daniela gained her qualification as an office communications administrator from the Munich Chamber of Commerce. During this time, she was trained in the areas of accounting, human resource management, office management, information processing, organization and services, as well as assistant and secretarial duties. These years developed her passion for being highly focused on customer satisfaction through having the right human resources in place, while also focusing on the financial impacts of all actions. To improve her accounting knowledge, Daniela changed to a specialized financial accounting company to work there as a financial accountant. With this background her logical next step was to follow the request to work for real estate investment and project companies in the fields of coordination of human resources, budget calculations, and customer relationships, directly reporting to the executive boards. Her constant dedication to excellence in customer acquisition and servicing led to her becoming head of the customer acquisition center. In 2007, in order to follow her passion in customer service and business management she started the next step in her career by joining the most well-known boarding school consulting company in Germany. In this role she managed both the acquisition team and the relationship with the boarding schools. The close contact required to support searching “clients”, parents and their children, paired with the organizational needs of using databases and reports perfectly matched Daniela’s strengths once again. On top of this, she was able to utilize her organizational strengths by organizing fairs for the partner schools and events for clients.

With all her experience you can be sure that she never loses focus in dynamic times, and also never loses her winning temper.

Manuel Lopez, Manager IT
Manuel – smart, top informed, future-oriented

Becoming a computer scientist was a matter of course for Manuel since the first time he got his hands on a computer. From the age of six, he created his first Hello World application on his mother’s computer. He rapidly started learning different programming languages and continuously improved all of them. Manuel has always shown huge interest in informatics, far beyond developing applications. Whenever he does not develop applications or manage projects, he loves to take on new challenges in the server and network area. For several years now, he has created, managed, protected, and tested applications, networks, and servers to constantly advance himself, aiming to always be cutting-edge and even a step ahead. Manuel realized that it’s all about technology in the future and therefore decided to turn his hobby into a career. Between 2006 and 2018, Manuel worked on various projects for different companies. In 2014, he started an apprenticeship as Application Developer EFZ and finished with highest grades.

If someone knows how to create tailormade applications, it is Manuel. Enhanzz trusts him to always work a step ahead in the IT environment.

Vivien Burlage – Customer Service
Vivien – service-oriented - patient - resourceful


Dr. Michael Svihalek-Müller - Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Michael - Competent, multifaceted, communicative

Michael is not only a highly qualified dentist with over 27 years of experience, he also received his doctorate in 1994 from the dermatology department of the University Hospital in Basel, under the direction of the internationally renowned Prof. Dr. med. Büchner. Since 1999 he has been running a dental practice in Affolteren am Albis, Switzerland, together with his wife med. dent. Barbara Müller, as a partner. With this extraordinarily versatile medical experience and his incredibly large network, he is an absolute enrichment for the Enhanzz company as a scientific consultant in the area of product development.

Aluna vom Rhoenblick – Food Locator and Chief of Kitchen
Aluna – curious, ball addicted, communicative

After her half-year training to become a so-to-say hunting dog, specialized on balls, Aluna started her career as fitness partner and bodyguard in Germany. Her tirelessly foraging instinct and her curiosity made her move to Switzerland, where she supported her family in communicating with the neighbors and exploring the nearby forests. She then took an additional four-legged training in food-locating and trash-can-emptying to broaden her knowledge. Much to delight of her new colleges that quickly realized to better store their lunches in the fridge.

With her keen perception, her funny attitude and her new role as kitchen boss, snoring master and office guard she´s a real enrichment for the whole Enhanzz team.



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